Terry Crews aggressor is WME Executive Adam Venit

Why Terry Crews didn't just beat the shit out of that little man ?

Terry Crews, the monster physic actor, pecs dancer, played the role of so many bully character, a man you think twice before angering him, claim Adam Venit groped his genital. 

Why didn't he just beat that little man to dust, that's what would have done if someone grabbed my genitals.

Seriously, This Adam Venit must stupid enough to provoke a man twice his weight, and to do it in public is quite brainless.

But we all know that some Hollywood V.I.P still live in a bubble, where every middle class actors are beneath them.

 According to The Hollywood Reporter, WME confirmed that Venit had returned to work after serving a one-month unpaid suspension following Crews’ allegations against him.“SOMEONE GOT A PASS,” Crews on Twitter in response to THR’s report.