Washington, State of the topless Bikini Coffee shops.

Yes its true! Spokane and Everett Cities are the places where you can buy a cup Joe, served buy baristas wearing bikinis but not top. in reality, those smoking hot ladies, hides their breast or part of their breast, with only sticker decals.

But is it legal?

The city of everett ordered the owner of  The Bikini Baristas, to follow the commercial dress code of the town or else to be shutdown, then the coffee shop sued the city along with friendly competitors.

The New York time found out '' On Monday, U.S. District Court Judge Marsha Pechman ruled in favor of seven baristas, who, along with the owner of a chain of coffee stands called "Hillbilly Hotties," had sued the city for enforcing ordinances that prohibit employees from being nearly naked on the job. '

But since the city appealed the court decision, and there is a chance those sexy hot coffee shops, might close down, hurry up before its too late. One of the best reason to do a road trip for a hoy sexy espresso.